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Our Dedicated Instructors


Thais LaSeure

Thais began her first career as a Special Education and Kindergarten teacher in Seattle in 2000. As a dancer growing up she was intrigued by Pilates, so she took her first Pilates mat class in Seattle in 2003 and was hooked. She began her certification process shortly thereafter. She really began to realize the benefits of Pilates while she was training for a half marathon in 2004. The Pilates help to balance her tight muscles and keep her injury free. She began her Pilates career by instructing her teaching colleagues after school and working at a small studio in Seattle. When she moved to Denver in 2006 she ended her Elementary Education career and began her dream job as a full time Pilates Instructor.


After teaching for 6 years in various studios in the Denver and Castle Rock areas she opened her first studio in Sedalia in 2012. She went on to open the Washington Park studio in 2014. Thais loves going to work every day and having the opportunity to help so many clients realize their fitness goals with Pilates. She loves that the Pilates method has something for everyone and can meet the needs of elite athletes, fitness novices and those recovering from injuries.


When she is not in the studio you can find Thais outside enjoying Colorado. She likes to walk in Wash Park in between clients, ski, bike and hike with her husband and two children.

Sadie Sandoval

Sadie Sandoval is a graduate of the University of California, Irvine Claire Trevor School of the Arts where she received her BFA in Dance Performance in June 2020 and currently performs with the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble. She was introduced to Pilates in order to help her Scoliosis and continued her training at UC Irvine with Diane Diefenderfer, third generation master instructor of the Pilates Method and Ron Fletcher work, which greatly supported her dance practice. After graduating, Sadie was invited to join her prestigious teacher training program to continue this legacy and received her Pilates Certification from Diane Diefenderfer at Studio Du Corps. She is grateful to have been a part of Synergy Pilates & Wellness for nearly three years.

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Lija Fisher

Lija Fisher was dragged to her first Pilates class while in college and was immediately hooked. She was a heavy weightlifter at the time and was sure that doing exercises on a mat with no weights would be a cinch. But when she couldn't even roll up to a seated position due to weak core muscles (despite being able to bench press her own body weight) she ditched the weights and began her journey into functional movement.  Lija graduated from The Pilates Center in 2001 and has been teaching ever since in Los Angeles, New York City, and Colorado. She trained and appeared with Kathy Smith in her line of Pilates videos, and has prepped actors and performers for Broadway, Cirque du Soleil, and Shape Magazine cover shoots. Over 20 years of teaching, Lija has taught bodies of all ages and abilities, from a young contortionist to clients in their 90's. She has worked with pregnant women, cancer survivors, and has done gentle rehab work with clients recovering from injury or surgery. Despite her previous life as a gym rat, Lija is known for her gentle teaching style that focuses on proper technique and alignment, as well as the delicious stretches she incorporates into class.

Stephanie O'Leary

For Stephanie O’Leary, the most rewarding aspect of exercise is the application to everyday life.  Years
ago, she began a consistent Pilates and functional fitness routine to help combat the joint pain and instability she was experiencing, and gradually reached more and more “a-ha!” moments when she
realized she could effortlessly perform day-to-day activities that previously caused struggle and
discomfort.  With an emphasis on core strength, joint stability, and balance (and of course, some fun
cardio moves for good measure!), she now helps clients find their own best levels of strength and
awareness for fit, fun, and functional living!


Originally hailing from Zanesville, Ohio, Stephanie lived for 9 years in Chicago where she delved into
Pilates and fitness and honed her practice by becoming a certified Pilates instructor and personal
trainer.  She taught group classes and private trainings at her neighborhood studios, and is excited to continue teaching and practicing with you here in Denver!

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